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Life is complicated - Simple high quality fresh food delivered to your kitchen shouldn't be.

We want to connect you directly with Australian, New Zealand, & Alaska sustainable farmers & fishermen who love what they do, and for you to see and taste that by the quality of the fresh weekly meat, seafood, bread, organic fruit and vegetables that they produce. 

Home Delivery available delivery 5 days a week. Tuesday till Saturday. Pickup with 10% off your order is available Monday to Saturday from Ap Lei Chau.

We are hoping you’ll smile on the inside when you sit down to eat at home, knowing where your food comes from, it is healthy, and tastes delicious.

We are all busy people, please let us try and make things a little easier and keep you and your family healthy.


News: Monday 4th July 2022 - Australian Fresh Fruit & Veggies, New Zealand Certified Organic Free Range Chicken & Fresh Copper River King & Sockeye Salmon, Black Cod, & Halibut & Full range of Fresh Certified Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Delivery & Pickup Schedule This Week:

Monday 4th:

- Pickups Full.

Tuesday 5th:

- Delivery - Full

- Pickups - Full

Wednesday 6th:

- Delivery - Full

- Pickups - Available at 4pm

Fresh Chicken Now Available:

1. Certified Organic Free Range from Bostock Brothers in New Zealand

2. Accredited Free Range from Hazeldenes in Australia


Fresh Copper River seafood, including the incredible King Salmon is available. Super high wild fat content = rich buttery texture.


Fresh Certified Organic Fruit & Vegetables. All items are now available in smaller portions and all packed in brown paper bags.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on 28890396, or your Whatsapp Chats if we can help.

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Adding onto an existing Order for Delivery & less than $700 Add On spend

Please use discount code 'ADDON' for any Add Ons less than $700 to an existing Order, and Order placed before 2pm for next Delivery Day (Non-Public Holidays Tuesday-Saturday) delivery.

Pickups no discount code required. All Pickups receive 10% Discount, and any Pickups less than $400 a $50 Pickup fee is now applied. Adding onto same day pickups deadline is 12pm, otherwise Pickup will be for the following Pickup Day (Non-Public Holiday Monday-Friday)

Hong Kong FEHD Licences:

Food Factory/ Online Licence No.: 2915803316

Address: 404 Oceanic Industrial Centre, 2 Lee Lok St, Ap Lei Chau


Cutting of Chilled Meat, Poultry, & Game for Wholesale

Prepackaging of Chilled Meat, Poultry, & Game for Wholesale

Cutting & Prepacking of Frozen Meat, Poultry, & Game for Wholesale

Cutting & Prepacking of Chilled & Frozen Seafood for Wholesale

Production of Raw Sausage for Wholesale