Organic Beef - Cherry Tree Organics Beef - Black Angus - Pure Grass Fed

We have the pleasure to be working directly with the Blundy family to provide Cherry Tree Organics Beef exclusively in Asia. Received directly from the farmer, the Beef is loaded on a direct flight and received here in Hong Kong as fresh as can be.
Cherry Tree Organics Beef is like no other beef you will have tasted, pure lush grass fed Black Angus beef (YG grade - highest in Australia) and Certified Organic in Australia. Shane and his family are some of Australia's finest farmers, humble & hardworking. They have raised the highest grade genetics beef for more than 30 years on Cherry Tree Downs a biodynamic organic, a self sustainable farm in South East Victoria.  
Cherry Tree beef has been describe as 'like velvet', soft, clean tasting, and high in nutrients including optimal Omega 3's/6's ratio's. It is now considered some of the finest beef in the world and only very limited amounts available.