Packaging & Donations to Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans

We are focused on reducing plastic usage in all aspects of our business and are donating 1% of all sales to Plastic Oceans Limited – to help educate all on the impact of plastic usage on what we consider to be the heart and soul of our environment – the oceans. The main reason we are sourcing from Wild South - Great Southern Ocean and Copper River Seafood’s - Alaska for our fish and seafood is because they are sourcing wild sustainable foods from oceans which are least exposed to the plastic masses in the global oceans.

We encourage all of our customers to consider visiting to watch the documentaries and education materials on the extent of plastics impacting the life in the oceans which filters back into to food we are eating and exposing our children to.

We are being practical and cost sensitive to in the packaging we are using. We are using recyclable cardboard and brown paper bags to help move away from plastics – we will eventually like to move to packing all products in a single deliver box but we also need to manage for your food safety, quality and hygiene – currently it may seem like we are using more packaging but we are confident it will have a lower impact on our environment and the world’s oceans. Progress will be iterative although more and more packaging options are becoming available to help.

We are currently packing fresh mince products in food grade brown paper bags which if you are not going to consume that evening of receipt, we recommend you freeze in glass containers, or alternatively order our frozen versions which are vacuum packed (BPA Free). Our frozen mince products are frozen down on a Saturday to ensure they have been frozen for less than a week when you receive them.

We welcome all comments and suggestions from you all on how we can all continue to reduce our usage of plastics.