About Us

Welcome to Grows Fresh

We are an Australian & Hong Kong operated team who have been operating now for more than 7 years. We have direct and exclusive relationships with our farmers, fisherman and bakers. We have a simple aim:

"to provide the highest quality fresh wholefoods to our customers"

Grows Fresh ticks

What is growsFresh?

We are passionate about food, we have chosen our product range to hopefully excite you and provide the freshest chemical free nutrient dense food to help deliver real health for your whole family. 

We want you to enjoy eating at home and with your family and friends, knowing your products are clean, ethically, and sustainably produced and fully traceable back to their source through Health Certificates issued to us from the exporting country.

We are sourcing foods directly from the producers, and managing the supply chain to ensure product freshness, quality and integrity. We are also processing the foods here in Hong Kong to ensure you receive them as fresh as they can be.

We hope everyone who tries our products will also be vocal and let us know what we can be doing better, or other products we simply must have in store for you. Please use our info@growsfresh.com email address to let us know your thoughts. All of our products will come with a money back guarantee if you are disappointed, no questions asked.

We are partnering with Biodynamic Marketing Co Ltd. They will accumulate a majority of our fresh farmer produce as it arrives for export. We will also work directly with some farming families who have the ability to deliver each week directly to go on the plane, also registered as Certified Organic under Australian Law.  Being able to trace your products back to specific Certified Organic farms and organic certifications is critical for us, and required by Australian Law. Please do feel free to let us know if you have any questions or would like to trace your products back to the farmer, fishermen, baker, or producer.

Our range of weekly freshly baked organic sourdough breads are from Healthybake, and number more than 30 types. Sue Moors and her family are world leaders in the development of organic sourdough bakery products, and we are very proud to be partnering with them. 

We also thank some of Hong Kong’s finest chefs & hotels, who continue to choose Cherry Tree Organic beef above all beef available in Hong Kong. This beef has shown itself to be now amongst the very finest beef available in the world. We feel very proud to have worked directly with Shane Blundy and his family from Cherry Tree Organics farm, Cherry Tree Downs, to export their amazing products for the first time from Australia. It is pure black Angus Beef raised on biodynamic organic pure grass pasture that receives more than 40 inches of rainfall each year, it is also YG grade beef which means very young animals, which provides high tenderness and eating experience. Only a limited amount of this product will be available throughout the year as the herd grows out organically and ensure sustainability principles are applied. All products from Cherry Tree are Certified Organic under Australian Law.

Typically, in any given week, we are sourcing seasonal sustainable Certified Organic wholefoods from more than 50 family farms.

We are also sourcing some of the worlds finest Certified Organic Chicken from New Zealand, and the 'World's Finest Salmon' Copper River Salmon, seasonally wild and sustainable, directly from fishermen in Alaska USA. We are registered as Copper River Salmon Wild Alaska verified Distributor in this region.

We love hearing from you, so please don’t be strangers, let us know if you like something, or if you don’t, and also let us know what you absolutely must have in your kitchen each week…..

Thank you, 

growsFresh team