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Cherry Tree - Organic Beef - Rib Eye - Roast - Grass Fed - Australian


Cherry Tree Organic's pure lush grass fed Black Angus Beef Rib Eye, the only one of its kind..

Cherry Tree Beef is now considered some of the finest Beef in the World, and the only Certified Organic Black Angus pure grass fed beef on the market. Velvet soft & nutrient dense.

Rib Eye is a premium cut with plenty of marbling, it is super soft and clean & crisp pure grass fed beef tasting.

Each rib eye roast is made to order, and premium trimmed by our own Butchering team to ensure a memorable eating experience.

Organic Beef    Chilled           

  • Cherry Tree Organics beef dual certified organic accredited under:
    • Certified USDA Organic (USA)
    • Southern Cross Certified Australia 20119
  • The Cherry Tree Beef genetics are the highest grade Black Angus beef, raised on high rainfall (40 inches plus a year) pure biodynamic organic lush grass and clover pasture. 
  • Shane Blundy and his family have farmed Cherry Tree Downs using biodynamic organic methods for more than 30 years, well before organics starting becoming mainstream. 
  • Recently a group of five star chefs chose this product over all others, it was considered exceptional and described as 'wow'.
  • We have had the pleasure to work directly with Shane to export this product from Australia for the first time.
    • Rib Eye is cut from the upper rib cage area of the animal. It is a premium cut, tender, full of flavour coming from its high marbling. It is one of the most popular meat cuts.
    • Key Features
    ✔ Certified Organic & Free Range
    ✔ Sustainable
    ✔ Grass Fed
    ✔ No Antibiotics
    ✔ No Hormones (HGP's)
    ✔ No GMO's
      • Freshly vacuum packed with chilled fridge shelf life - 5 days

       HalalTrue Aussie Beef