Organic Grapefruit - Australian

Weight (grams): Single

Fresh new season certified organic grapefruit - per individual grapefruit, minimum 600g.

This week they are ruby red grapefruit. Much sweeter than the yellow variety.


The redder the flesh, the sweeter the flavor, but we find red grapefruit to be the least complex tasting (and often plenty bitter). On the upside, that color comes from lycopene, a cancer-fighting antioxidant.
The grapefruit was bred in the 18th century as a cross between a pomelo and an orange. It was given the name grapefruit due to growing in clusters, similar to grapes.

Grapefruits are low in calories but are full of nutrients, and an excellent source of vitamins A and C.

These healthy benefits include healthy skin, can help to lower our risk for many diseases and conditions, and may even help with weight loss as part of a healthy and varied diet. The juices, peels, and pulps all provide nutritional benefit.

Farmers: Papa Juan Farms Australia, 4880 Mareeba, Queensland

Storage recommendation: As our organic fruit and vegetables are natural and not treated with any preserving agent, we recommend that that they are kept in the fridge or cool temperatures to slow down any ripening if not being eaten once received.

Australian Certified Organic: ACO