Organic Leeks - Whole Stem - Australian


Fresh Australian Certified Organic crispy leeks stems.

Fresh ProduceChilled                                         NASAA 

Farmers: Joe and Rose Scro - Foothills Organics farms Yeo, Victoria Australia.

Nutritioanl profile: Leeks are high in the minerals potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, the often overlooked B vitamin folate (great for cardiovascular health) and C, making them a healthy addition to any meal. Leeks also contain sulfur, which has been found to have natural antibiotic qualities. To get the most nutritional benefits from your leeks let them sit for at least 5 minutes after you' ve cut them.

Storage: Leeks can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 2 months (they are too tasty to last that long in our house).  It is best to keep as many of the roots intact as possible during storage so they can still absorb moisture.

When using leeks, the white part is the tender part you are looking for.  The upper leafy greens should be cut off and used for stock.  Ideally, there should be no dirt in between the layers of leek at the base.  Be sure to look inside and wash out any remaining dirt.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No. 3267 NASAA

Storage recommendation: As our organic fruit and vegetables are natural and not treated with any preserving agent, we recommend that that they are kept in the fridge or cool temperatures to slow down any ripening if not being eaten once received.