GMP Farms Australia

Organic Avocado - Australian


Certified Organic Australian Avocado

Variety: Hass

Fresh, hand picked and great tasting fruit (yes avo's are fruits), from Victoria in Australia. Farmers Geoff and Marion produce only the finest and freshest avocado that delivers a delicious smashed avo on toast every time. 

Portion Size: various whole avocado


Farmers: Geoffrey & Marion Peters GMP Farms, 339 Brown Road, Colignan, Victoria, Australia 3494

Australian Certified Organic: NASAA No. 3374.

Production: GMP farm comprises 38.44 hectares of land with approximately 14 hectares producing sustainable quantities of certified organic Imperial Gala apples, Fuji apples, Hass avocados, Ryan avocados, Lisbon lemons and Pineapple quince.  Some new fruit varieties are coming on with production expected in a year or so.  The remaining land is currently undeveloped or in native vegetation.

Harvesting: Peter & Marion to great care to eliminate bruising of fruit from all sectors of our harvesting and packing systems. All of our fruit is handpicked and packed with care.  Our harvest labour personnel are trained how to pick fruit without bruising it, and equipped with gloves and harvest equipment suitable for the crop they are picking.  Produce is picked into containers of sufficient size which prevents compression bruising and a maximum day temperature at which harvesting operations cease is observed for each crop.  Once produce has been harvested it is cooled in our on farm coolrooms and packaged in our temperature controlled packing room. All produce is packed into new cartons, palletized and returned to the coolroom where it awaits collection by refrigerated transport.  

Think kids guacamole..smashed avo on toast with streaky bacon..or straight up with scooping spoon. Great recipe ink:

Storage recommendation: As our organic fruit and vegetables are organic natural and not treated with any preserving agent. Avocadoes are best keep in a cool space outside the fridge.