Palena ACO

Organic Pumpkin - Australian


Certified Organic Pumpkin - Jap - biodynamic organically grown

This is what people generally consider the standard Pumkpin variety. Versatile in the kitchen, steam, mash, or roast.

Approx weight - 1kg per piece wrapped in brown paper bag to protect the soft flesh parts. Ideally remove the brown bag and place straight into the fridge. When serving simply slice off the outer layer which may have dried out or discoloured.

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Farmers: Palena ACO

Storing your Jap Pumpkins:

We find it best to buy a whole pumpkin as it will keep longer even after you cut it.  To store prior to cutting, leave it in a cool dark spot like your pantry.  Once cut pop the whole pumpkin into the fridge with no wrapping.  Plastic makes it go slimey.  We have been continually asked how to best store pumpkins and have found this the trick.  Each time you cut a slice off the pumpkin make sure it's from the fresh side.  As you move around the pumpkin it's always nice and fresh and dry and once you get to the end there's only a very small slice that's usually not good enough.  Another trick I use, once much of the afore-mentioned pumpkin has been consumed is to cut out the seed part and put the remainder of the pumpkin into a special vegie storing container (mine's a Tupperware one) that has the sealable lid, adjustable breather holes and a ribbed botttom to allow moisture to stay away from the pumpkin surface.  They work a treat.  A third option is to use the green vegie bags and you can buy organic ones now too. (from the farmer Rob Bauer).


Australian Certified Organic.