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Organic Potatoes - Sebago - Unwashed - Australian


Organic Sebago Potatoes-unwashed.  Sebago potatoes are a great all rounder, and the most widely used variety.  Can be boiled, baked, grilled, mashed and fried. Hand picked and packed.

Portion size: various minimum weights available in brown paper bags.

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Farmers: Wombat ACO

Storing your potato's: 

Keep them in a cool, dry, very dark spot. Potatoes go green when exposed to light.  It's not only sunlight that is harmful ..... all lighting does the same thing. The green is not only on the skin. The flesh inside also gets discoloured. 

While the humble potato is a constant in the kitchen, you should never let one sneak into your fridge. Low temperatures prompt the starch which is what gives your potatoes such a wonderful, earthy texture to convert into sugars, turning them sweet and gritty.

Instead store potatoes in a dry, cool and dark place, preferably in a box or a paper bag. As long as they are nowhere near your onions, because..onions and potatoes both need the same type of environment (we all know that) so we all store them together.

Australian Certified Organic: Certificate: