Biofarms Tasmania

Organic Carrots - Purple - Australian


Fresh biodynamic Certified Organic Purple Carrots from Australia. Hand picked and packed.

Portion size: various minimum weights per brown paper bag. 

Purple carrots are particularly rich in anthocyanins, which are antioxidants shown to protect against heart disease, mental decline, and diabetes. Some studies suggest a higher amounts of alpha and beta carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A

Fresh Produce  Chilled                   

Source: Biofarms, Tasmania, Australia


Storing your carrots:

Keep them in the bottom of your fridge in the plastic bags they come in or even an airtight container.   To prolong their life and keep them firm and crispy, make sure that you really restrict the air flow around the carrots.  Air and heat are the enemies.  Buy carrots with the tops cut off.  When you leave the tops on the carrots you actually have the leaves still trying to draw moisture and sustenance from the root - ie. the carrot. This is inclined to really reduce their keeping quality.

What is the difference in the growing method between Organic and Non-Organic ( also called conventional farming practices):

The Organic way

Organic carrot ground is rested and turned pre-planting to form a loose friable bed.

Seed is sown and watered. The carrot uses natural biology to grow at its correct pace, giving it natural flavours and textures. They will be hand weeded two to three times as they are a slow growing crop.

The Non- Organic (conventional way)

Conventional carrot ground is prepared and formed into a loose friable bed.

A pre-plant artificial fertiliser is added. The carrots are seeded and then sprayed with Nemacur (Ethyl 3-methyl, 4 pheny-phosphoramidate) to kill Nematodes, a ground parasite. Also, Stomp (pendimethalin) and Afalon (Linuron) to control weeds. Some weeks after emergence, Gesagard (Prometryn) and Fusilade (Fluazifop-P) are sprayed to kill the remaining weeds. Another application of artificial fertiliser is banded between rows.

As the carrots grow, they undergo a weekly to fortnightly spray programme of insecticides and fungicides such as Hymal (Maldison), Rogor (Dimethoate) and Diathane (Mancozeb) until one to two weeks before harvest.

The artificial fertiliser will speed up the growth of the carrots up to 4 weeks faster than an organic carrot grown at the same time of year.

Australian Certified Organic, 

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