Bellinger River

Organic Ginger - Australian


Organic Ginger from Bellinger River Organics - complex and deep flavoured

Sold per piece - various ginger cluster sizes available

Fresh Produce   Chilled                         This organic ginger has a clean crisp taste and beautiful addition to your favourite recipe.

The health benefits of ginger have been known for years, and includes calming nausia, inflammation, and tummy cramps and loose bowels.

Some research suggest the combination of ginger and honey together (for example homemade terespiratory related issuea) can provide an additional boost than consuming them invidually, please refer to attached link:

Farmer: Bellinger River Organics, Bellingen Australia. 

Recipe: vegetable stir fry with ginger and beetroot

Storage: many tests have been performed on ginger storage, some include storing in vodka (which yielded several months shelf life) to keeping in a dry cool (hard for Hong Kong) place in the pantry which yielded several weeks. The difficult thing for Hong Kong is the temperature and humidty through these months, we suggest keeping unpeeled ginger in your fridge crisper - which normally allows for at least a couple of weeks

 Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No. 12290