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Organic Peas (Shelling Variety) - Australian


Fresh Season Biodynamic Organic Peas - These are truly delicious, they are best of the best peas grown each year. With less than 5% of peas ever making it to market (all others canned or frozen) and being biodynamic organic they are super foods!!

Portion size: approximately 250g


Farmers: David and Petra Mack Victoria AUSTRALIA

The pea pods may look a little scruffy around the edges, this is natural, they are not commercial grown to looks the best pods, the pods are to protect the peas. it is what is in the pods that counts, and as you can see from the photo's the peas are still attached to pod, and very healthy, super high in nutrients and refreshing to eat raw even.

Store these peas in the crisper in your fridge in the brown paper bags they arrive in.

Eating: we think they are great eat raw, add to salads, or as a snacks during the day.

if cooking they will go very well with a light heat in the pan (try not to burn them) and maybe a little butter.

Or if you are looking for some comfort food - mushy peas are just what the doctor ordered & our favourite recipe link is below - enjoy:

Australian Organic Certified.