Galea AQ

Organic Lettuce - Cos (Romaine) - Whole Piece - Australian


Certified Organic COS Lettuce - fresh, succulent crisp and crunchy.

Portion: Various sizes available.


Farmers: Galea AQ

Typical uses, the COS lettuce is great for salads, you can chop or simply rip the leaves apart and add the rest of your salad ingredients. 

Storage: Lettuces need to be completely dry so they don't rot, but stored in a humid environment so they don't wilt. If you have a fridge with advanced temperature controls, set the crisper drawer to maximum humidity and dry your lettuce with paper towel before storing it. If not, invest in a lettuce box, dry your lettuce, and store it in the bottom of the fridge.

Australian Certified Organic.