Martin Demeter Approved Farm

Organic Garlic - Australian


Certified Organic Garlic - Purple Bulbs - matured garlic bulbs.

Biodynamic grade produce - Beautiful hand picked garlic  - subtle, clean tasting and creamy.

Approx weight - a single bulb

Fresh ProduceChilled         

Farmer: Martin Demeter Approved farm


Garlic storage suggestions:

Garlic will keep for absolutely ages if stored correctly.  Do not put garlic into the refrigerator. Instead find a cool, dry and well aerated location in your pantry. Ideally it should be stored in a breathable net type bag or cloth .... You can also tie them up by their stems and let them hang.  Another good trick is to braid the garlic for hanging. It's not only practical but it's also decorative.  The garlic braid can be hung in the kitchen and a bulk removed as needed.

Australian Organic Certified