10 Feb 2020 - Yes...finally muddy days are hear again for farmers in Australia

10 Feb 2020 - Yes...finally muddy days are hear again for farmers in Australia

Feb 11, 2020Aaron Grant
Again, we hope you are all doing OK, and no doubt many of you are enjoying the concept of home schooling...yes, interesting times for all involved. The best to you all as we all get through this interesting period, don't forget to smile and laughter is infectious apparently....enjoy your week.

This week we have another large range of beautiful fresh organic fruit, vegetables, bakery items, and chicken. Plenty to boost those immune systems and have you tip top, smiling and laughing with family and friends, or ready for whatever can be thrown at you. 

Personally we are smiling here today as we heard news that many of our farmers finally received a good drenching of rain over the last few days, some of them hadn't received anything for 3 years...and if you know Aussie farmers then you know a few beers were had last night..... don't worry their beautiful fresh products have arrived at the plane and we are good to come up.

Notably for this week:
- Lots of fresh chicken breast arriving and available.
- Strawberries, Rockmelons, Cherry Tomatoes, Kale & Dates are returning, and in great shape
- We are a little short on Avocado's & Broccoli, and still no Lemons available until next week
- We now have plenty of White and Brown Biodynamic rice is you are stocking up, the 1kg and the 25kg bags again available
- The Raspberry season looks done for the year, but we have Blackberries, and some Blueberries left - the fresh berry season is always pretty short. if you do love your berries, don't forget you can freeze them and enjoy them in juices, smoothies, or baking for up to 12 months.
- We have limited stock of Pork at the moment and looking to receive a new shipment later in the week. Also two full new fresh shipments of organic beef and growsFresh beef range.

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