This Week's Summer Organic Cherries, Berries & Stonefruits - flavour bombs!!!

This Week's Summer Organic Cherries, Berries & Stonefruits - flavour bombs!!!

Jan 18, 2021growsFresh Team

The Australian summer fruit season is a little different this year as COVID has restricted the normal swag of backpapers and seasonal worker to pick and surf their way through the Australian Summer. So now the farmers are encouraging families and little tackers to come and pick and enjoy a farm experience... ofcourse it is expected two picks for the bucket and one (maybe two) down the hatch...

The quality of fruit available this year is easily some of the best ever, beautiful seasonal rain throughout the southern states and warmer weather has provided Mother Nature plenty to work with...only the super hot summer has altered some of the ripening timing but otherwise gorgeous fruit. Pick of the crop are the Cherries, Red Grapes, Raspberries and full of taste. And if organic fruit is full of taste then you know it is also full of nutrients...


The berries and stone fruits are simply delicious this year, though the adventure they undertake from the tree or bush to your kitchens is an interesting one. Being organic and grown without pesticides or artificial fertilisers, they grow into much stronger and more nutritious fruit. However the fruit is not treated with chemicals which otherwise assist with the gentleness and length of the journey while they are ripe and able to deliver the finest eating experience and nutrients to you and your family...  the fruit passes from the farmer tree to the airport storage for a few hours and then all of our farmers products are consolidated in chillers waiting to be loaded onto the plane and 13 hours later arriving in Hong Kong. Then the critical 'last mile' journely ocurs into your kitchens. We look to connect them from the tree to your kitchen in the fastest achievable path, and unfortunately there will be some humidity snaps that occur very quickly along the way, humidity can impact the fruit much quicker than changes in temperature can, so without the normal chemicals used to reduce that sensitivity our fruits may on occasion accumulate some mould in the last mile...but we are really really trying to hard to remove that...

In any case please remove any mouldy fruit from your fridge, for example from a punnet, and the rest is generally fine to eat and taste delicious.  However please always let us know if you receive anything which you are not happy with, we can ofcourse immediately refund you, but ultimately we can learn how to get that fresh item to you in the best shape next time. 


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