Bubs Australia - Organic Baby Formula & Food Range

Bubs Australia - Organic Baby Formula & Food Range

Nov 18, 2019Aaron Grant

“Like most new parents, when I gave birth to my daughter, I felt pure joy coupled with an overwhelming desire to give her the very best start in life.

If I could create a love of wholesome nutritious food from the beginning, I knew the foundations for healthy eating would last a lifetime.

I knew other parents would want this for their children too. And so, Bubs was born.”

Kristy Carr, Founder CEO Bubs Australia
Bubs has gone on to develop an extensive and high quality baby to toddler range of baby formula's from organic cow, and goat milk, goat milk powder, organic cereals and baby food pouches. 

Bubs Organic - Grass Fed Baby Formula Range

Most notably is the recent release of Bubs Organic Pure Grass Fed Baby Formula range - the first of its kind from Australia. Pure grass fed milk.

Bubs Organic® grass fed premium formula range is the FIRST organic, grass fed formula in Australia*. With dual organic certifications, this advanced organic formula range is derived from nature, GMO free and free from chemicals, preservatives and pesticides.

Bubs Organic® incredibly high standards ensure safety, quality, purity and nutrition, giving parents peace of mind and bubs a happy, healthy start to life.

Why Certified Organic?

Certified organic formula is a natural formula choice as it is free from GMO, pesticides, chemicals and preservatives. Our cows are never given growth hormones or antibiotics.

  • GMO free
  • Grain free
  • Pesticide, Chemical & Preservative free
  • Palm Oil free
  • Our cows are antibiotic & hormone free

Why grass fed?

Bubs  Organic®cows graze outdoors 365 days a year, enjoying some of the best conditions in the world. They roam freely within their paddocks, expressing natural behaviors, helping them produce high quality milk.

A grass fed diet improves the quality of cow's milk as it is richer in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, betacarotenes and CLA when compared to other milks.

Also available is the highest quality Goat MIlk range of Baby Formula, from goat who range the lush pastures of South Eastern Victoria. Some of the highest annual rainfall in Australia means the grass is lush throughout the year and provide Bubs goat's thhe highest natural level of nutrition from pure grass feed.

Please consider Bubs Organic Grass Fed baby Formula Range in our Kids Corner section: www.growsfresh.com/collections/kidscorner 

Bubs - Goat Milk Formula range


Is goat milk healthy?

The healthiest option for your baby is to consume a source of dairy that’s not only similar to breast milk but offers the essential vitamins and minerals needed to grow and thrive in the early years. Our goat milk formula ticks both of these boxes.

Let’s talk about science! When it comes to the molecular composition, goat milk is one of the only sources of dairy with a similar makeup to human milk as they share small protein and fat molecules which are easier for little tums to digest and absorb.

But what kind of nutrients are found in goat milk? Let’s take a closer look at the essential vitamins and minerals in our very own Bubs Australia goat milk formula.


We’re constantly encouraged to feed our little one’s dairy to meet their calcium needs and kickstart their growing little bodies. Calcium is essential in the building and strengthening of strong bones, muscle and nerve function, all of which are essential right from the start of your child’s life. Goat milk naturally contains more calcium than cow milk.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D works hand-in-hand with calcium to support healthy bones, but also to speed up the absorption rate of the calcium itself. Goat milk is packed with vitamin D, even more than cow milk, so both the vitamin D and calcium can get to work right away and help ease any knocks and bumps from playtime.


Babies are born with all the iron stores they need in their early months of life. However, as they begin to grow, their iron levels can drop slightly. Iron is essential to the development of your little one as it helps to transport oxygen all around the body. Goat milk is high in iron.

Folic Acid

Folic acid gets to work helping to produce new cells, which makes it a necessary vitamin for young children. While goat milk doesn’t contain high amounts of folic acid itself, Bubs goat milk formula includes a blend of folic acid to boost these vitamins and ensure your bub has the nutrients they need to flourish.


Potassium is essential for babies and toddlers as it aids in the development of muscle function, as well as maintaining healthy blood pressure. Goat milk is a superior source of potassium, containing almost one and a half times that of cow milk.

A2 Protein

Goat milk is a power-packed beverage full of the nutrients needed for optimal growth, energy production and helping little bodies function properly. Goat milk has a unique structure of medium chain fatty acids in addition to A2 goat protein. This makes it closer to human milk than cow milk is, which means, it is digested easily and can provide a healthy alternative to babies who might react uncomfortably to the standard cow milk products.

Goats Milk vs Cows Milk

When it comes to goat milk vs cow milk, it’s easy to see that goat milk packs a better nutritional punch. Because of its molecular structure, goat milk is gentler on your little one’s digestive system. When we take a peek at goat milk under a microscope, the fat and protein molecules in goat milk are smaller than cow’s milk, making them not only easier to digest by children. This means goat milk may be a good alternative for formula fed children as it won’t shock your bub’s digestive system or trigger unwanted intolerances or allergies.

Please consider the Bubs Goat Milk Formula range in our Kids Corner section: www.growsfresh.com/collections/kidscorner 


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