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Spotlight on Tummy Health Warrior - Caroline Major at Detox-me Asia

Aug 30, 2022Aaron Grant

Caroline over at Detox-me.asia sees our vision of health that includes fresh nutrient dense wholefoods that add healthy bacteria to your gut biome to support a strong immune system. Conventional foods may include pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, and other nasties that destroy your good tummy bacteria (your good soldiers..) that ensure a strong and healthy immune system – your body holds close to 30 Trillion cells, and the bacteria in your body right now can be many times that – some good, and some not so good. Your immune system is constantly battling to ensure you are feeling your best, and defending against potential chronic illness. 

Caroline agrees with our view to ensure there are as many good soldiers working from your tummy at any time.  She’s a therapist bringing a range of high quality supplements, digestive support and powdered broths and collagens to Hong Kong.  Detox-me.asia is the only stockist in Hong Kong for:

  • Seeking Health Supplements - renowned for great value and high quality
  • Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - currently the cleanest fish oil on the market, with every batch tested for contaminants.
  • Dr Hishams remineralising teeth serum.

As a Kresser Institute Adapt 360 trained Health Coach, Caroline stands by the recommendation to drink a cup of bone broth every day for the amino acids required to build great gut health by protecting the inner lining of the intestines.  And while making your own broth or using the grows fresh liquid gold is great, having a convenient option to take that cuppa broth to the office or while traveling is where the Nutraorganics powdered instant broth comes into play. 

Checkout Caroline on her website detox-me.asia 

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