Organic Capsicums - Mixed - Australian


Fresh whole certified organic capsicum -  approx 600g per bag. 

Mixed bag of either red, green, & yellow.


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Farmers: Eldridge Fresh Organic Farms - Shane Eldridge – farming at Murray Bridge. His family were one of the first organic growers to be certified in SA. The farm is one of the most prolific growers of certified organic Capsicums and Tomatoes in Australia.

Storing your lovely capsicum: Capsicums will just keep going and going, lasting almost a week in the fridge with very little work on your part. Wack them in a loose brown paper bag that allows them to breathe and throw them in the crisper, as they will dry out in low humidity.

Capsicums of all colours freeze relatively well and don't even require blanching. Just slice them up and throw them into airtight bags. They will lose some of their texture after thawing, so try to use them in recipes which rely their taste rather than crunch.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No. 11908