Organic Nectarines - Australian


Certified Organic Nectarines - fresh new season 

White nectarines this week - looking great.

Portion size: minimum 500g


Juicy and sweet new season nectarines...this week the nectarines have arrived a few days off being fully ripe..please allow a few days to ripen at home in the fridge or in the pantry.

Storing next to onions will accelerate the ripening process..but otherwise we suggest store them in the fridge until fully soft.

Farmers: Wattle Organics - Nathan Free - Swan Hill region of Northern Victoria Australia.

Wattle Farms are one of the largest organic stone fruit producers in Australia turning out beaitiful fruit...finally the season has released them this year and we have plenty available this week.

Australian certified organic. Certificate No.: 11109.

Storage recommendation: As our organic fruit and vegetables are natural and not treated with any preserving agent, we recommend that that they are kept in the fridge or cool temperatures to slow down any ripening if not being eaten once received.