Powlett Hill

Powlett Hill

Bio-Dynamics is an enhanced organic farming method using soil and plant enlivening natural preparations, producing clean food free of all chemicals inputs and GMO's

The Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic farming method has being adopted all over the world as the number one Bio-dynamic farming method.

Bio-dynamic farming confirms to us the benefits of naturally grown food without the use of chemicals and synthetic stimulants producing vibrant healthy soils and in turn healthy plants, animals and healthy humans.

Bio-dynamic farming leaves the soil rich in humus and bursting with life.

For the consumer that means wholesome nutritious food full of flavor!

The property has been farmed by the Fawcett family since 1865. Andrew 4th and Ben 5th generation along with their family's all contribute to a busy and productive farm.

Powlett Hill is situated at Campbelltown Victoria. The area is a rich volcanic region with a long farming history. Farming here has been based around wool production with increasing cereal cropping and prime lamb production in recent times.

In the year 2000, dissatisfied with conventional farming Powlett Hill adopted Bio-Dynamic farming methods, the change was quick to take hold, improved soil structure was clearly visible, increasing humus, generating healthier pastures and soils.

The 1200ha property is fully certified with Demeter, producing fine wool, prime lamb, milling grains Wheat, Rye, Spelt and Khorasan.

All flour milling is all done on farm.