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Wild Alaska - Black Cod (Sable Fish) - Fillets - Frozen - Alaska USA

Wild Alaskan Black Cod or Sable Fillets from Copper River Seafoods Cordova Alaska. 
A rich, buttery, and luxurious fish made famous by the popular dish 'Miso Cod'.
Your portions are premium trimmed & deboned to help with the finest eating experience.
Alaskan Seafood Frozen  Copper River
  • Wild Alaska Black Cod have a rich flavor and velvety texture. They average between 5-10lbs and have bright white flesh, which flakes easily and has high oil content. Black Cod is high in Omega-3’s and nutritious minerals.
  • We have sourced this fish directly from Copper River fishermen in Alaska.
  • Alaskan fisheries are the strictest fishing waters on the planet to ensure the sustainability of the catch for generations to come.
  • Key Features
Wild Caught
  • Defrost in fridge overnight before use
  • Can be stored up to 12 months in freezer
  • Each fillet has skin on and pin bone out. Individually Vacuum Packed (IVP) for your convenience
  • Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams):
    * Calories - 195
    * Protein – 13.4 g
    * Fat – 15.3 g
    * Saturated Fat – 3.2 g
    * Sodium - 56 mg
    * Cholesterol - 49 mg
    * Omega-3 – 1.6 g

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