Bangalow Pork - Rib Eye - Roast - Rind Off - Fresh - Australian


Premium fresh Rib Eye roast without skin, a range of sizes available from 500g -1500g. 

PorkChilled                                           Bangalow "Sweet" Pork

  • Bangalow Sweet Pork is supplied by small Australian Family Farms.
  • Their simple aim is to produce the best quality & best tasting Pork in Australia.
  • Ribeye is from the end of the loin cut - the tissue along the top of the rib cage of the pig.
  • Key Features
✔ Unique flavour
✔ Tenderness
✔ Sustainable
Hormone Free
✔ Antibiotic Free
✔ Multi-Award Winning
Winner of Best Meat of any Category at Vogue Produce Awards.
  • Freshly vacuum packed with chilled fridge shelf life - 5 days