Cherry Tree - Organic Beef - Flank - Steak - Grass Fed - Australian

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Organic BeefChilled            Cherry Tree Organics

  • Cherry Tree Organics beef is:
    • Certified USDA Organic
    • NASAA Organic Certified
    • Flank is located directly beneath the loin in the abdominal area of the animal. The flank steak is extremely versatile. Relatively long and flat, it has a coarse grain running along its length. Perfect for thin slicing for a stir-fry and extremely well under slow-cooking conditions.
    • Key Features
    ✔ Free Range
    ✔ Sustainable
    ✔ Grass Fed
    ✔ No Antibiotics
    ✔ No Hormones (HGP's)
    ✔ Farm Assured
    ✔ 3rd Party Audited
    ✔ No GMO's
    ✔ Premium trimmed

    True Aussie Beef NASAA Halal Demeter Bio-dynamic