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Cherry Tree Organic Pork Sausages use British Breed Heritage Pork - Certified Organic Pure Pasture raised on a small family farm, White Clover Park, Victoria Australia.

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Portion size: 6 sausages weighing approximately 450 gm. 

Ingredients: Organic Pork (75% Pork meat, 25% Pork fat), buckwheat flour, egg, sea salt, sweet paprika, sweet curry, mixed herbs, peppercorns & natural casings.

These amazing sausages are made fresh each week by the Cherry Tree team in Victoria Australia are snap frozen for the trip to us here in Hong Kong. Fresh batches are made each week.

They are made without fillers, preservatives, flavourings, and are gluten free. 

Convenient and easy to grab from the freezer and pan fry within minutes. Simply add to a wrap of slice of bread and you have a delicious 'snag sambo' or serve on their own.

White Clover Park grows English heritage breeds of pigs chosen for their full and tender flavour. It's rich, sweet and has great marbling.

Cooking Instructions: Sausages can be barbecued, char-grilled, grilled, pan-fried or oven roasted.  When cooking our sausages, the slower they are cooked the better they taste.  

We recommend oven roasting at 120C for 20 minutes.  If you cook them at too high a temperature their skins will burst.

It is true sausages contain fat – this gives them some of their flavour and keeps them moist.  If you want to remove some of the fat we suggest you simmer or poach sausages for about 20 minutes prior to cooking

These heritage breed Red Waddle/ Old Spot crosses are raised outdoors in a large grassy field where they are free to run, root in the dirt, roll around in the mud and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. They’re fed hay from our fields, organic vegetables from our neighbor’s farm, apples from our wild apple trees, premium grain and unlimited access to clean water.

The pigs are never given antibiotics, chemicals or hormones. The pigs are raised in small batches to assure that they receive the care and attention that these intelligent animals deserve.

  • Key Features
✔ Sustainable
✔ Certified Organic 
✔ Pure Pasture Raised
✔ Hormone Free
✔ Antibiotic Free
✔ Premium trimmed

Australian Certified Organic: NASAA