Ferguson Australia

Ferguson Australia - Kingfish - Yellow Tail - Sashimi Slices - Snap Frozen - Australian


Port Lincoln (SA) farmed Yellowtail Kingfish Sashimi fillet is a sweet, rich, clean flavour and white to pale pink colour. It is a favourite among Japanese restaurants and fine dining restaurants.


Pack size: 100g sashimi slices

                                       Snap Frozen             

  • Key Features
    ✔ Wild Caught
    ✔ Sustainably Harvested
    ✔ Organic
    ✔ Traceability
    • Defrost in fridge overnight before use
    • Average fillet 50-60 grams
    • 3-4 Fillets per 200g pack

    Learn more about Ferguson Australia - A family run business specialising in only Wild Sustainable Australian Seafood. www.fergusonaustralia.com