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South Australian Ocean Jacket (Nelusetta ayraudi) are one of the ocean’s best kept secrets. The flesh is white with a moist and delicate texture and pleasant sea aroma. The Ocean Jacket has a similar taste to chicken, with a hint of sweet oceanic flavour. 

Wild caught in the Great Australian Bight (Southern Ocean) they are undervalued with premium quality flesh that is versatile for all your favourite cooking methods.  Ocean Jacket is filleted fresh, packed and frozen all on the same day.

Frozen Fillets Skinless Boneless

How to Cook Fish The Basics: www.fergusonaustralia.com/basics-cook-fish/

Pack size: 200g

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  • Key Features
    ✔ Wild Caught
    ✔ Sustainably Harvested
    ✔ Organic
    ✔ Traceability
    • Defrost in fridge overnight before use
    • Average fillet 50-60 grams
    • 3-4 Fillets per 200g pack

    Learn more about Ferguson Australia - A family run business specialising in only Wild Sustainable Australian Seafood. www.fergusonaustralia.com