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growsFresh Certified Organic Free Range Chicken - Whole Chicken - Frozen

This is the highest quality chicken available from New Zealand, real chicken tasting, full firm, juicy and soft. Fully sustainably farmed in organic fruit orchards, and you can tell by the eating experience. We are receiving this delicious chicken directly from the farm via direct flight from New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government issues us with a Health Certificate for each shipment to ensure source, provenance and Organic Certification.

The family staple of roast chicken and vegetables, with plenty left over for chicken salad, wraps, or sandwiches for lunch the next day.

Sizes: 1.3kg-1.4kg, 1.5-1.6kg, & 1.9kg-2.0kg

Feel comfortable that this product is certified organic and free from hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.



We are able to receive these on chilled flights, directly from the farmers. We receive Health Certificates from Australian and New Zealand Governments for each shipment issued specifically to growsFresh to ensure the provenance and quality of the products you are receiving.

growsFresh is proud to now be able to support multiple organic chicken farming families across Australia and New Zealand. We will be working with multiple families depending on available supply, and conditions for each farmer.

Our Free Range Chicken is a Certified Organic, premium product which also meets international welfare standards.

Current Shipment Origin: New Zealand.

Our New Zealand Organic Chicken farmers grew up on their family’s organic apple orchard the family are determined to give their organic chickens the best life. Their apple orchard provides the perfect environment to farm organic chickens. The birds enjoy a happy life roaming freely among the apple trees and are housed in uniquely designed french chalets, which are clean and spacious and enable the chickens to roam freely outside once they are fully feathered.

  • Key Features:
✔ Hormone Free
✔ Air chilled after processor and not Cold Water plunged 
✔ Growth Promotants Banned
✔ Antibiotics Banned
✔ Other Drugs Banned
✔ Wholesome Chicken Feed
✔ Chemical Fertilizer/Pesticides/Herbicides Banned
✔ Genetic Modifications Banned