Healthybake Organic - Flour - Wholemeal - Khorasan - Australian

Size: 1000g
Healthy Bake - Organic Khorasan Flour - the same flour they use in their own baking products, now available for your homebake creations.

Portion size: 1kg

Sue Moors and her family produce only the finest quality products, free from GMO's, chemicals, additives, and from ancient grains for family baking fun in the kitchen. 

Made from 100% Australian Organic Khorasan Grain.

Fresh Produce                                  Healthybake

Khorasan wheat or Oriental wheat, commercially known as kamut. It is an ancient grain type; This grain is twice the size of modern-day wheat and is known for its rich, nutty flavor.

Healthybake is an Australian family owned and operated group that produces a range of delicious organic healthy breads, both wheat alternative and gluten free that are suitable for people with existing bread intolerances, including gluten & wheat allergies, or diabetes (low relative GI index).

It is a credit to Sue and her family to have focused on traditional bread making techniques and inputs, using organic ingredients and baking using traditional sourdough. Without any of the modified wheat and gluten and other additives now found in most commercial bread. Additionally all bread inputs have no genetically modified organisms.

We have received good feedback already from some of you on the products who have had intolerances to modern breads, many thanks,

Healthybake generally bake premium bread products using ancient grains including, spelt, khorasan, oat, millet, barley and rye and more recently developed superfoods, high protein and FODMAP friendly organic bread.


Key Features

✔ Australian family owned

✔ Yeast Free

✔ Dairy Free

✔ Certified Organic Flour

✔ Soy Free

✔ Egg Free

✔ Vegan