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Organic Butternut Pumpkin (Squash) - Whole - Australian


Certified Organic Butternut Pumpkin or Squash - Whole

As the name suggests it is a more buttery texture and taste than standard pumpkin. These are beautiful clean and pure tasting Butternut Pumpkins. 

Portion Size: various

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A creamier pumpkin or squash than your Standard variety is easily steamed and serve cut into chunks, or mashed, or roasted. it is generally an easier vegetable to get the little ones onto than the standard pumpkin variety. 

Butternut squash is part of the Cucurbita family of fruits, specifically known as one of the six varieties of Cucurbita moschata. In parts of the world like New Zealand and Australia, it’s more commonly referred to as butternut pumpkin or gramma. All of the fruits in the Cucurbita family tend to be high in essential nutrients. Although it’s botanically a fruit, it functions in food preparation more like a vegetable.

The incredible nutritional value of butternut squash is difficult to overstate. With over four times the recommended daily value of vitamin A in just one serving, over half the recommended intake of vitamin C, and an impressive list of other vitamins and minerals, and this is why it is considered a staple in many homes.

Farmers: Lampard Organic Farm

Australian Certified Organic. 

Store in a cool dark place while Whole. Once cut place in the refrigerator without plastic on.