Organic Lettuce - Green Oak (Butter Lettuce) - Australian


Organic Oak Leaf Lettuce (Butter Lettuce) - fresh and direct from the farmer.

Though it doesn't have a buttery flavor, butter lettuce does have a silky-soft texture that feels like it's melting in your mouth.

This organic Oak Leaf Lettuce is perfect raw in salads, sandwiches, and even lettuce wraps.

Portion size: various


Our organic oak leaf lettuce (also known as butter lettuce) comes from Peninsula Fresh Organics farm in Victoria Australia. It comes as both red and green lettuces, offering high fibre, juiciness, and a good ratio of Omega-3.

Peninsula Fresh Organics is a Certified Organic Market Gardeners located in Baxter, Mornington Peninsula. It farms on 40 acres of land and grows approximately 40 different lines of vegetables, including heirloom varieties.

Storage: Lettuces need to be completely dry so they don't rot, but stored in a humid environment so they don't wilt. If you have a fridge with advanced temperature controls, set the crisper drawer to maximum humidity and dry your lettuce with paper towel before storing it. If not, invest in a lettuce box, dry your lettuce, and store it in the bottom of the fridge.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate no. 1361