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Vortex Veggies

Organic Tomatoes - ROUND - Australian


Fresh ripe red Certified Bio-dynamic Organic Tomatoes - being bio-dynamic they are grown in the highest nutrient content soil.

Fresh seasonal and bursting with flavour - sandwiches and salad will never taste the same again and deliver real high grade nutrition.

Portion size: various bag sizes now available

Variety: ROUND - normal - versatile - sliced - wedges - puree.


Farmers: Darren Aitken, Vortex Veggies,

Vortex Vegies is a 16 acre certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic market garden, run by Darren Aitken, in Inverleigh, Victoria. They started growing biodynamic vegetables in 1997 and became Demeter certified by the Biodynamic Research Institute in 2000.

These tomatoes are ripening on arrival so ready to go straight into your salads, on your sandwiches, or favourite pasta dishes...lovelly and firm.

If you do not get to eat them and they start to turn soft, get them cooked down into a beautiful organic tomato sauce, which you can use for saucing your kiddies meals instead of processed bottled tomato sauce. (yummy passata recipe

Storage: If they are ripe, pop them in the fridge in the warmest section. If they need more ripening, leave them on the bench, away from the windowsill as they'll spoil in the sun, and away from ethylene-producing ripe fruit, including ripe pears and apples. The ethylene gas these fruits give off will prematurely spoil your tomatoes.

Australian Organic Certified. Demeter Certified.