Organic Watermelon - Australian

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Fresh Certified Organic Australian whole Watermelons.

Portion sizes: Mini melons this week, whole melon sizes available

These are a seedless variety, crispy, & sweet. Slices out melon triangles or juice them up to get some nutrients into the little ones.


Farmers: Keller Organic Farms, Australia

The flesh of the watermelon makes a refreshing snack and can be eaten in many ways. You can skewer it on kebabs, make a salsa, toss it in salads, whiz it to make soup, or juice it for a refreshing drink. Watermelon contains vitamin C and minerals such as potassium and dietary fibre. 

Storing: Store uncut watermelon at room temperature for a short period of time (up to two weeks). Watermelon does not ripen easily after it is picked. Store cut pieces of watermelon in a sealed bag in the fridge.