Symons Organic Dairy - Organic Cheddar Cheese - Grass Fed - Australian


Fresh Certified Organic Cheddar Cheese from the Symons family in Victoria, Australia. Dairy farming naturally organic for over 3 generations.

A versatile family favourite, for snacking, on some biscuits, grated over pasta, or cheese toasties..

Portion size: 200g



This cheese is produced according to traditional organic cheddar making techniques. It has a moist and creamy texture and a delicate yet full flavour. The organic milk produces a particularly sweet and clean tasting cheese. 

This cheddar is matured for at least 6 months before being released and is made using vegetarian rennet. It makes a cracking cheese toastie, especially when combined with a good organic sourdough.

The Symons family are committed to organic food because they recognise that the whole system is connected – soil, plants, animals, food, people, and, not least, the environment.

Servicing the Bendigo, Victoria, Australia,  region since 1919, Symons’ Dairy was established by Albert Symons in 1919.

In 1953 Albert’s son George took over, running the business for the next 40 years. In those days milk was delivered by horse and cart.  Milk was ladled into your own billy can at the gate, at the grand cost of twopence a pint.

Many of Bendigo's older residents can remember the days when they brought their billy full of Symons’ milk into the kitchen for breakfast. Symons’ Dairy has now been in the same family for three generations. For almost a century Bendigo consumers purchased the Symons Dairy brand with full trust and a sense of nostalgia.

Now, third generation member Bruce is continuing this tradition of trust in food with Symons Organic Dairy.

Farmer: Symons Organic Dairy, 3 Seaview Avenue Barwon Heads, VIC 3227