ECODRIVE - Hong Kong Reusable Mask Initiative - Reduce Single Use Plastic

EcoDrive Promotes The Awareness And Reduction Of Single Use Plastic In Hong Kong

It takes 450 years to breakdown a single use mask, since the beginning of 2020, 370,000 of the the masks available on the ECODRIVE have been donated worldwide, replacing the need for over 11 million single use masks. 

EcoDrive promotes the awareness and reduction of single use plastic in Hong Kong through education, connecting with corporates, and providing possible solutions. By motivating and driving each individual to make a lifestyle change, we believe together we can make a difference. ​Single use plastics are polluting our cities and our oceans. It is affecting our environment and contributing to health problems in humans and animals.  Our organization is focused on promoting change.

Please play the Ecodrive Single Use Plastic Baby Shark video to your little ones, such a great way to get the kids into learning, understanding, and acting on this issue.

We will be donating to ECODRIVE to secure as many masks as we can and sending them out in your orders soon. They are also pretty cool styling, not that we are fashion guru's here at