Krinklewood Wines - Biodynamic Organic


The decision to farm biodynamically and make biodynamic wine at our Hunter Valley Vineyard was an easy one…“It’s better for the environment, better for the people that live and work on the farm and it gives us a better quality wine that is ultimately better for our consumers to enjoy! We have been using these principles for 18 years now, over this time we have noticed our vineyard is able to better withstand our forever challenging climate conditions and we are seeing wines with greater expression of aromas and textures specific to our terrior” – Rod Windrim.

Biodynamics is a homeopathic medicine for agriculture, using natural means to obtain a better, more sustainable and healthier end product. Rudolf Steiner introduced the philosophy in 1924. Bio refers to the life in the soil and dynamic refers to the energy. Biodynamic is Organic, but differs in the use of BD preparations, which are applied within the natural rhythm of the cosmos.

Krinklewood Vineyard and Farm started conversion in 2002 and became Certified Biodynamic Organic in 2007. The whole property including the winery is certified with Australian Certified Organic  and is audited annually to maintain biodynamic organic certification.